KIPSINENDE Technical and Vocational College wishes to invite applications for Pre-qualification of Suppliers for supply and Provision of goods/Services from interested and eligible bidders for the financial year 2020/2021-2021/2022

Kindly download the following documents for the details

KSTVC/PRE/1/20/21-21/22Supply and delivery of cleaning, sanitizing, detergents and materialsReserved
KSTVC/PRE/2/20/21-21/22Supply and delivery of cutlery, utensils and kitchen AppliancesOpen
KSTVC/PRE/3/20/21-21/22Supply and delivery of dry groceries eg sugar, cooking oil ,saltOpen
KSTVC/PRE/4/20/21-21/22Supply and delivery of office stationery , tonner,catridge &computer accessoriesReserved
KSTVC/PRE/5/20/21-21/22Supply and delivery of dairy products ,poultry,eg milk,meat,chickenReserved
KSTVC/PRE/6/20/21-21/22Supply and delivery of dry firewood and charcoalReserved
KSTVC/PRE/7/20/21-21/22Supply and delivery of green groceries eg fruits,vegetables,onionReserved
KSTVC/PRE/8/20/21-21/22Supply and delivery of staff uniform and personal, protective ,equipment (PPE’s)Open
KSTVC/PRE/9/20/21-21/22Supply and delivery of Computers,Laptops,Printers,ICTequipment,spares and associate accessoriesOpen
KSTVC/PRE/10/20/21-21/22Supply and delivery of sport uniforms and games equipmentOpen
KSTVC/PRE/11/20/21-21/22Supply and delivery of library textbooks and reference materialsOpen
KSTVC/PRE/12/20/21-21/22Supply and delivery of general hardware, building and plumbing materialsOpen
KSTVC/PRE/13/20/21-21/22Supply and delivery of Newspapers and periodicalsOpen
KSTVC/PRE/14/20/21-21/22Supply and delivery of oil lubricants, fuel $ gas refilingOpen
KSTVC/PRE/15/20/21-21/22Supply and delivery of beansReserved
KSTVC/PRE/16/20/21-21/22Supply and delivery of maize 
KSTVC/PRE/17/20/21-21/22Supply and delivery of building materials e.g. sand ,ballast, blocks, assorted timberOpen
KSTVC/PRE/18/20/21-21/22Supply and delivery of student and staff identity cardReserved 
KSTVC/PRE/19/20/21-21/22Supply and delivery of general farm input,poultry,drugs&feedsOpen
KSTVC/PRE/20/20/21-21/22Supply and delivery of student log bookReserved
KSTVC/PRE/21/20/21-21/22Supply and delivery of P.A system                                             Open
KSTVC/PRE/22/20/21-21/22Supply and delivery of tubeless tyresOpen
KSTVC/PRE/23/20/21-21/22Supply and maintenance of firefighting equipment 
KSTVC/PRE/24/20/21-21/22Supply and delivery of office furniture fittings, office equipment& metallic bedsOpen
KSTVC/PRE/25/20/21-21/22Provision of communication services and intercom               Open
KSTVC/PRE/26/20/21-21/22Provision of specialized printing, Art works signage Design, posters and logosOpen
KSTVC/PRE/27/20/21-21/22Provision of repair and maintenance of college vehiclesOpen
KSTVC/PRE/28/20/21-21/22Provision of repair& servicing of office equipment , machines and computersOpen
KSTVC/PRE/29/20/21-21/22Provision of security servicesOpen
KSTVC/ PRE/30/20/21-21/22Provision of equipment for training0pen
KSTVC/PRE/31/20/21-21/22Provision of computer networking and automationReserved
KSTVC/PRE/32/20/21-21/22Provision of insurance cover for motor vehicle. 
KSTVC/PRE/33/20/21-21/22Provision of chairs,tents,vediograpy,photography services and outside cateringOpen
KSTVC/PRE/34/20/21-21/22Provision of advertisement servicesOpen
KSTVC/PRE/35/20/21-21/22Maintenance of college websitereserved
KSTVC/PRE/36/20/21-21/22Provision of building construction and fabrication services for small works like welding,plumbing,painting etc 
KSTVC/PRE/37/20/21-21/22Provision of insurance cover for students on attachmentOpen
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